Internet of Things

What is IoT?

The Internet of Things (abbreviation: IoT) refers to the connection of machines and objects (e. g. sensors or controllers) to the Internet. These things communicate independently via the Internet and thus accomplish a variety of tasks.

Possible applications range from general information exchange to automated ordering, alerts and emergency notifications.

Depending on the frequency of data transmission or the required bandwidth, these things can be connected to the Internet wired, via WiFi or a LPWAN.

What is LPWAN?

LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) is a group of different network protocols optimized for energy-saving and long range transmission of data. In particular, it offers the following advantages:

  • Long range: In contrast to WiFi, fewer gateways are needed.
  • Long battery life: The individual sensors can be operated for 5-10 years with commercially available batteries.
  • Easy installation: Sensors do not require complex network cabling or even a power supply. This also enables high mobility.
  • Low network costs: Savings in number of gateways and cabling make integration per sensor simple and cost effective.
  • Encryption: Data transmission is secured and encrypted.


The 4 stages of an IoT architecture
Data collection
The devices and sensors on site collect data such as temperature, humidity, water level, etc. and transmit them regularly to the network server via radio over the gateway.
Radio coverage
The gateway in the LPWAN supplies the sensors with a corresponding radio coverage (e. g. via the standard LoRaWAN) and has a suitable Internet connection (e. g. DSL or 3G/4G) to the back end. Thus, the gateway takes over the function of a turntable, whereby many sensors are connected to a network server.
Network server
Management of all devices
The network server acts as a central platform for the management of sensors and gateways. The transmitted data is decrypted here and made available for further processing. In addition, the network server regulates the access rights and user profiles extensively.
Data processing
The processing and visualization of the collected data takes place at application level. Alarms and notifications are also triggered here. Monzoon has a multitude of interfaces in common databases or subsequent applications.


Monzoon brings people and things to the Internet.

Building communications

In the field of building and campus communications, Monzoon Networks offers a comprehensive range of services and products.

  • Design, implementation and operation of data networks (router, switches, WiFi)
  • Internet access/connections/IP transit
  • Inhouse cabling LAN
  • Communication for building technology
  • IoT - Access networks and service connections

Monzoon offers a freely scalable facility management firewall service that integrates building control systems such as air conditioning, heating, lighting control, etc. securely and flexibly into the existing data network environment.

This ensures that access from the outside is protected and only to the respective system with the respective authorization.


With many years of experience as a Public Wireless LAN operator, Monzoon Networks also design, implements and operates in-house networks.

  • Public access for visitors or bring down devices (BYOD) of employees directly to the Internet
  • Encrypted SSID for internal traffic from a corporate device to a firewall or VPN server
  • Structured network concepts for the connection of subsequent systems (e. g. monitoring, payment processing, etc.)
  • If desired, completely independent and independent infrastructure, which does not interfere with your existing IT infrastructure in any way


In addition to LAN and WiFi, Monzoon Networks has an LPWAN for the extensive and energy-saving connection of sensors and devices.

  • Integration of available end-to-end services (e. g. parking management)
  • Dedicated access and network server environment
  • Interfaces in common cloud services for post-processing
  • Separate mediation level for special implementations
  • Notification services (SMS, Mail, REST, etc.) available
  • Data storage in own systems available in Switzerland based on high availability storage


Visualization of sensor data


Get access to your sensors' data anytime, anywhere. Via the website MyMonzoon as well as our app you can easily see all measured data such as temperature, humidity, light (LUX), movement (PIR), etc. (depending on the sensor).

In addition to different views of the measurement data, individual warning messages can be set up for each sensor by e-mail, SMS or app, so that you are alerted in the event of an event (e.g. if threshold values are exceeded) and can react accordingly. Group sensors to define default values or set up delays and escalations of warning messages with a few simple clicks.

We install the sensors of your choice, transport the data over an LPWAN and give you access to the appropriate website or app where all sensor information can be viewed. Everything from a single source - you don't need your own IT know-how - or individually tailored to your internal systems if desired.

Here (PDF, 297KB, german) you can find an example for the monitoring of cooling systems.

Tile view

Layout view

Chart view

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IoT-Sample applications

Smart sensors

An ideal sensor for measurements in hotel rooms or conference rooms. In this way, it is not only possible to monitor the temperature or air quality; a light or movement sensor can also be used to measure the occupancy of a room.

Measurements are available for (all-in-one solution):
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • CO2
  • Luminousness
  • Motion

Smart buttons

A simple button that can transmit a signal with its location. Reporting to central IT, facility management or administration can save 20 to 30 percent in maintenance costs.

Typical applications are possible for:
  • Customer feedback
  • Notification of printer malfunctions
  • Order toilet cleaning service
  • Notification for pick-up service
  • Emergency calls

Smart multifunction buttons

Buttons can be used not only to collect customer feedback, but also to control specific requests. These multifunctional buttons can be printed and operated individually.

  • Orders or service in the restaurant
  • Ringing in the hotel room for technical support or room service
  • Feedback buttons or opinion poll
  • Ordering of standard products

Smart city

Cities are becoming intelligent: For more and more applications, there are ready-made solutions that can be integrated into existing processes.

  • Intelligent lighting control
  • Car park management
  • Water level messages
  • Air quality measurements

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About Monzoon Networks

Monzoon Networks AG is one of the first European providers of Public Wireless Internet access and services. Monzoon operates an extensive WiFi network, which offers fast Internet access in over 1300 hotspot throughout Switzerland.

In addition, Monzoon Networks also operates a division called prepaid-dsl. ch, which is dedicated to offering Swiss customers DSL Internet access, completely flexible and unbound, without subscription and without connection fee.

Supplementary services in the hospitality environment and globally introduced services such as SwissVPN complement our portfolio of services.

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